UPDATE: This story has made the front page of News.com.au.

Tom Reynolds rang me this morning to tell me he was available to work on some TPN projects over the next couple of weeks as he’d been sacked from Telstra this morning. Co-incidentally, Tom wrote this blog post only two days ago quoting Robert Scoble’s Corporate Weblog Manifesto and saying from now on he was going to be more open and honest in his blogging. Tom wrote:

… sometimes departments here have allowed a culture of “duck and cover” to rule them. Personally I think the new idea of “One Click, One Touch, One Telstra” is fine- in theory, but there will need to be more than just a fancy jingo and a series of cool new ads. We need to look at what we rate as important and make it happen.

I consider this a huge mistake on behalf of Telstra. I just gave a quote to News.com.au telling them the same thing. About two weeks ago I sat next to Paul Crisp,  Corporate Affairs Manager at Telstra, at the Australian Institute of Marketing breakfast and told the audience that companies which allow blogging have to have two policies – one for the bloggers, so they know what they can write about without getting into trouble, and the second for the managers in the company so they know how to treat bloggers if they have concerns about how or what they blog.

It seems to me that Tom is a victim of a manager inside of Telstra who isn’t on the program and has concerns about a member of the team writing openly and honestly about working inside the company. A similar thing happened to me at Microsoft. I jumped ship and started TPN. Just think… Microsoft could have kept this creativity and energy inside the company. Telstra could have kept Tom inside the company but instead they will make him a celebrity. I told Tom this morning to get ready to leverage being "the guy that Telstra sacked for blogging".

Here’s a link to Tom’s personal blog. I know he’s taking it easy today so don’t expect to hear much from him until he clears his head.