I had a terrific time at The Domain event in Melbourne last night. Full congrats to Sally and Deb for putting it on and to Brad “Best Technology Industry Journalist” Howarth for his interview with Aussie digital media pioneer Domenic Carosa from Destra. I’ve known Dom for quite a few years now but have never really had the chance to sit down with him over a few beers and hear him talk from the gut. It was great to hear his passion for his business and for digital media come out. I admire greatly what he has done since he and his sister started the business in 1993 when he was only 18! He said last night that neither of them took a single cent in income for the first 7 years! They were living at home with their parents. Now THAT’S a start-up baby.

The only worrying moment of the night was when I went up to say g’day to Brad and he said to the people he was with “now here’s the one person I am afraid of”. Little ol’ me Bradley? Oh buddy. I’m sweet as pie. Why afraid?

Scienta was there. Jeremy from Skylook was there. Paul McKenna from Computer Trader was there. And his partner in the SMS business, Carl Krumins from K.A.S. The three of us talked long and hard about how to use SMS to help Father Bob raise money and how to use SMS as a feedback mechanism for podcasts. I finally got to meet the famous Kerri Lee Sinclair after hearing about her for many years. And James Tuckerman from Australian Anthill magazine was there. What a terrific story there guys have. I can’t wait to get him the show to tell you about their history. Brilliant start-up story.

I hope MODM is half as good as last night was. It’ll be our first real event (the last one was more of a planning event for this one) and, like all good things, I’m sure it will take a while to find its feet, but with Dr Peter Ellyard there as our guest, we’re off to a flying start.