A negatively-biased article about Castro in The New Statesman by Isabel Hilton has some interesting reader comments including this one below. It’s fascinating to watch the way the US press is carrying the news. I’ve been trying to read as much of it as I can to see if I can find many pieces which are even *slightly* positive about Castro’s contribution to the people of Cuba and Latin America, Africa, etc. I haven’t found any so far.
clipped from www.newstatesman.com

21 February 2008

“There have never been death squads in our country, nor a single missing person, nor a single political assassination, nor a single victim of torture. . . . You may travel around the country, ask the people, look for a single piece of evidence, try to find a single case where the Revolutionary government has ordered or tolerated such an action. ”

Since Fidel made this statement, I have challenged the exiles on the Net who promulgate their own Mythic Cuba to disprove it. Note how low the bar is. They only have to come up with a single case, which would still leave Cuba with the best human rights record in the hemisphere.

So far they have failed. The long list “murders” by Castro they cite include Bay of Pigs casualties, legalized abortions, people whose cancers were diagnosed while they were in custody, people who drowned in the Straits of Georgia … one assumes that if they had a better case to make, they would make it.

Fidel, press conference, 2001

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