When I was in SF in November I attended Kevin Maney’s tech industry jam session. When I got up on stage to sing a few numbers it marked the first time I’ve sung on stage since about 1990. Since then I’ve found myself playing a lot more guitar and thinking a lot more about putting together a band.

Here’s what I’m thinking. Instead of a few geeks getting together just to drink and eat pizza, why don’t we start a regular jam session? I’ll find a venue (a bar) and once a month we can book it out, and get together for a jam session with guests. Private invite only. Have some fun, network with other geeks, and keep our chops up at the same time. Might even release an album on the TPN record label.

If you play an instrument or sing and would like to jam with me once a month, fill in the form below and put “G’Day World Band” in the comments section (so I can sift through the comment spam).