Thumbpress – a better way to get a screengrab

Last night, after we finished recording G’Day World, Michael Bailey skyped me and told me he had a new idea he wanted to run past me. What if he built a service that would make it easy to get a screengrab of a website? I said "hell yeah, that’d rock", as I often go through the laborious process of CTRL-PRTSCN, then find an image program to dump it into, export as jpeg, upload to flickr, and FINALLY you have a URL to post into a blog.

Well 12 hours later and Michael has it built. He’s called it THUMBPRESS.

Here’s an example of the TPN website.

6 thoughts on “Thumbpress – a better way to get a screengrab

  1. That is just so useful. Thanks so much for the links. Far better than the usual 15 clicks I need to do to achieve the same result.

  2. Sorry mates, the site might be up/down for a bit – trying out some new technology and something isn’t right yet.

    Oh, also I just found some code today that will let you get mini-thumbnail images just by hovering over a hyper-link. Would anyone be interested in that?

    Michael Bailey

  3. Nah Cam,
    ” Ah cain’t get it ta work neither! ”
    The jobz already been done very neatly by Mirek Wojtowicz’s freeware prog. MWSnap screen capture utility.

    From the website

    Current version is capable of capturing the whole desktop, a highlighted window, an active menu, a control, or a fixed or free rectangular part of the screen.
    MWSnap handles 5 most popular graphics formats and contains several graphical tools: a zoom, a ruler, a color picker and a window spy.
    It can be also used as a fast picture viewer or converter.
    Screen grabs can also be sent straight to a printer.
    Keep up the good work guys, Warrick.

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