The Channel 7 (Australia) news department must make money for their corporate bosses hand over fist. Otherwise, how else do they survive?

Remember when their former current affairs host, Naomi Robson (now retired), was the laughing stock of the country because members of her crew (allegedly) released a tape of her swearing and calling their audience “dumb”? (link)

Then there was the Channel 7 news story about how lax airport security is in Australia which featured a reporter walking onto a plane supposedly carrying box cutters in her handbag. When her day in court came around (because this is illegal) Channel 7’s defense was “YOU CAN’T PROVE SHE TOOK THE KNIFE ON THE PLANE”, suggesting that perhaps they just pretended and it was a post-production trick. (link)

And today there is the story that reporter Nicholas Boot at Today Tonight has been ‘suspended’ after chaining an old woman in a nursing home to a cupboard to fake a story.

Of course, faking stories isn’t new to Today Tonight. Older viewers might remember when Dave “Sluggo” Richardson made a highly misleading report on Christopher Skase. Richardson was suspended from duty for a month. This episode was fictionalized in the ‘One Rule for One’ episode of Frontline, where Martin di Stasio is suspended for a month for doing exactly the same thing. Of course, in Marty’s case, being ‘suspended’ means a month’s paid vacation. He turns up to work and just sits around reading the paper and drinking beer. He’s actually rewarded by the producer because of the ratings they scored for the fictional show.

Anyone know where Boot is today?