Tokbox Is Amazing

A few of us tested Tokbox for doing a live video conf call earlier today and it BLEW MY MIND. You can apparently have 50 people or more on a video conf at the same time! I think I’ll use this for the live show next week instead of uStream, see how it goes.

You can also use it to send video mail. Send me a message below.
TokBox – Free Video Chat and Video Messaging

3 thoughts on “Tokbox Is Amazing

  1. Many thanks for the kind Tokbox mention!

    Note about video conferences: We generally recommend 20-25 to minimize performance issues (seen 50+…but participants may start to run into problems).

  2. I tested a 2 person convo between Alice and Perth, then Alice and Brisbane. The second was so bad that I had to resort to typing. I will try again tonight to see if it was just a glitch.

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