Today TPN is pleased to launch “The Better World Show“, hosted by Scott Sherman (from TPN’s hugely successful Digital Photography Show) and Cameron Reilly (host of TPN’s G’Day World, Napoleon 101 and CEO of The Podcast Network).

You work hard, you raise your family, and you try to do the best you can. But in the back of your mind you’re aware of those huge problems out there that seem unsolvable: global warming, poverty, genocides, AIDS, war. You know life has to be about more than making a living, taking care of the kids and accumulating more stuff. But when it comes to the big issues facing the planet, you wonder: What difference could I possibly make? The answer: Plenty. If enough of us take even small actions, the difference we can make is huge. It’s a tough world out there. Join hosts Scott Sherman and Cameron Reilly and help us make it a better one.

The Better World Show