TPN & News Corp bring you showBUZZ

I’m excited to announce the first episode of showBUZZ, a thrice-weekly (that’s three times a week) celebrity gossip podcast that I’m producing and co-hosting for My co-host Justine Parker, Deputy Entertainment Editor for, and I dissect the top celebrity gossip stories of the day in a 15-minute show. Check it out here!  At this stage we’re thinking of it as a pilot and hopefully it’ll be hugely successful and will turn into a regular show.

12 thoughts on “TPN & News Corp bring you showBUZZ

  1. A) I can’t believe that you working with News! But then again there one that understands that Newspapers are dying.
    b) Another sign that your turning a bit GAY! A Gossip Columnist! How gay is that! Cam “Hollywood” Reilly-Housing!


  2. Great to see a few new shows on TPN Cam, I’ll definately be checking them out. Exciting times for TPN. Cheers, Nathan.

  3. just listened to it.

    you need the whine happening on the voice to really sound like a gossip mongerer. or the queensland upward inflection at the end of each sentence…that will add the character to the voice.

    you’ll completely shoot any cred for the past years of work that you have done outside of this, but hey, you’ll become a gossip star…it’s a career path in the making.

  4. The insiders tell me that there will be too much “Trout Pout” if I start to bag the Magazines but then again Friends tell me it is fine and sources say that the magazines are showing that “tell tale baby bump”.

    I am so confused!

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