Based on this month’s idea from (and thanks to @fddlgrl for the link!), I’m going to attend one of the Brisbane City Council meetings each month and will blog/podcast/tweet from there. I think it’s a great idea for all of us to start to get more involved in local politics, even if it’s just by attending council meetings and reporting what’s happening.

Apparently Brisbane City Council have seven committees that meet, so I’m looking for six other Brisbanites to attend the other meetings and report.

According to "the rules", you aren’t allowed to record a City Council meeting. I find that a bit strange.

Here’s the clever bit – the meetings are held weekly and DURING THE DAY (here’s the schedule). That’s going to make it difficult for your average wage slave to attend.

I’m going to attend the Infrastructure Committee meeting once a month.

Anybody else want to sign up to cover the others?