Admit it – you know you want to be cool. Did you shed an empathetic tear when you watched Napoleon Dynamite? Did you punch a fist in the air when Mace Windu said “This party’s over!” in SW:AOTC?

And have you ruined your chance at a positive reincarnation by working for a dirty, money-grubbing, third-world country exploiting multi-national corporation? Are your karmic points in the gutter?

Well now you can be cool AND redeem your karmic destiny by buying wicked kewl TPN schwag! w00t!!

YOU WILL BE COOL BECAUSE – everyone will see your swanky TPN shirt/cap/mug/bumper sticker and ask you “hey man, what the heck is a podcast?”. Be the first geek in your neighbourhood to have the word of the year on a shirt! (You’ll be able to sell it on ebay a couple of years from now for a mint!)

YOU WILL REDEEM KARMIC POINTS BECAUSE – you will be taking some of that dirty cash you’re earning by working for that big corporation and investing it into podcasting, so in your small way you can help foster struggling podcasters (as opposed to the rich podcasters with the castles) and keep the revolution burning!

So go on – check out the brand-stinkin’ new TPN online store. Check out the wide range of TPN goodies that you can buy for your friends, family and enemies. Every time you buy something, we get a few cents or a few bucks. It all adds up.

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