Wesley Autrey, the gentleman who jumped on the tracks in the face of an oncoming train to save the life of a complete stranger.

So what do you think happens with Autrey from here? Released an inspirational rap album? Biopic of the Week starring Eddie Murphy?
Amazing story. I don’t think my first instinct would have been to jump down. Especially with my two young kids standing there with me!! My instinct to survive would have been stronger than my instinct to save the guy in the tracks.

I wonder what it was about this guy, something in his upbringing, something in his genes, that gave him the impetus to risk his life like that in a split second to save someone he didn’t know.

Do you think you would have done the same thing?

And now this story, also from New York, of two guys who caught a three-year old baby when it fell five stories!

What is it about positive news stories of heroes from New York this week?


a) This is all a stunt to promote the new season of “Hereos” on NBC.

b) Mutant “Hero” genes are spontaneously switching themselves on inside nooyorkers, possible something to do with the drinking water.

c) The stories were all concocted by the industrial-military complex to take people’s attention away from the fact that GWB’s new Iraq plan will look very much like the old Iraq plan with a couple of new faces and some new catchphrases.