Is Andrew Bolt, News Ltd’s #1 right-wing apologist in Australia, finally starting to wise up?

In his blog yesterday, talking about the arrests in Britian, he wrote:

We must meanwhile wonder what we’ve done to breed alienated – and, I’m tipping, increasingly well-educated – non-Muslims who see salvation in a violent fascist ideology all over again. 

Andrew, at least you’re starting to ask the right questions. "What have we done…?". I’d personally like to see the people in the media with your level of readership spending more time helping us focus on what we have done to create this situation and less time using emotional trigger words like "fascist", "terrorist" and "insurgents" to justify further Western military and economic warfare. Until we discover and understand the root cause of this situation, we will stay in denial and have to live with escalating payback-counterpayback scenarios from the hawks on both sides.

Until folks like Ron O (one of Andrew’s commenters) realize that this is a two-way street and that they are also protecting themselves from us… this isn’t going to stop. Unless, of course, we seriously think we can bomb the enemies of Western Imperialism off the face of the earth without being compensated.

I agree with Ibrahim, a Lebanese blogger who I recently interviewed on G’Day World, when he said "it doesn’t matter who is wrong or who is right. What matters now is peace and an end to the violence and deaths." To even HOPE to achieve an end to the violence we need to understand and accept the position of our enemies. And this isn’t "lefty" talk. Even Sun Tzu, the master of military strategy, will tell you that if you don’t understand your enemy, you will lose more battles than you will win.