What I’d Buy If I Had A Spare $26,000

I’m half-way through reading TROPIC OF CANCER at the moment and it’s a whirlwind, a great big slice of stinky French brie bought in a street market in summer heat, chased down with a cheap warm glass of Beaujolais and a roll in a dirty bed with a plump $5 hooker.
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Henry Miller: First edition of Tropic of Cancer
EDITION IN ORIGINAL WRAPPERS, one of only 1000 copies printed, of
Miller’s masterpiece.� In exceptionally fine condition.
Obelisk Press, 1934. Octavo, original pictorial wrappers featuring a
giant crab holding a naked woman in its pincers, designed by Maurice J.
Kahan; custom half-leather box. Small split at base of spine, a few
spots of soiling to rear wrappers. A magnificent copy. $26,000.
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2 thoughts on “What I’d Buy If I Had A Spare $26,000

  1. Cam, If you’re interested in rare books, have you read Tokien’s Gown by rare book dealer Rick Gekoski?

    Seems to heave been published in the USA under a different name, Nabokov’s Butterfly.

    Gekoski talks about some of his brushes with famous first editions and the peeps who wrote them. If you can’t lay your hands on a copy and want to read it, I’ll see if I can find mine to send to you.

  2. Thanks Bob. I’m not sure I’m interested in rare books per se, just in those that hold a special place in my life. An old copy of a book that changed my life has a certain magic about it. And this Henry Miller book, because of the circumstances under which he wrote and published it, is just pretty special. It’s almost like the equivalent of Da Vinci’s notebooks. 🙂

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