Tomorrow night on the live show I will have Steve McDonald ( @stevemc1) as my guest. Steve runs a company called Transendence which specializes in using the techniques of Spiral Dynamics to create organisational and social change. I was introduced to Spiral Dynamics and to the work done by Steve by @rosshill when he was staying with me a couple of weeks ago. I’m still trying to get my head around it and Steve will be coming on to explain it to us.

As usual, I’ll be pulling out the old guitar and playing some songs before and after the show. Plan to stick around for the after party, where I’ll also be talking about:

– Why I Believe Women Run The World
– I’ll talk a bit about the interview I did with Kalle Lasn this morning and why the Internet is bad for you
– My plan for the TPN 500
– Why Ashton Kutcher is a douche… or maybe the greatest genius of our time

Oh and this week I have a sponsor for my scotch!

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