Who Is Going To Bilderberg This Year

The Bilderberg Group‘s 2009 invite list (this year they are meeting at the Astir Palace resort in Athens, Greece) has been published by Alex Jones’ Infowars. He doesn’t name his source but someone in his comments section claims the list was originally posted on a Russian site but doesn’t provide a link either. No Australians are on the list. We don’t have a single person important or powerful enough to get an invite to the elitist of the elite club on the planet?

It’s interesting that Fareed Zakaria is going (according to this list anyway). He’s a regular guest on The Daily Show.

3 thoughts on “Who Is Going To Bilderberg This Year

  1. What, no Australians in Bilderberg not even James Packer, Frank Lowy? much to be discussed in this year’s New World Order/Illuminati event, I’m sure. I wonder what the criteria is to qualify for an invite. I just might visit your Alex Jones link there…good podcasts, Cameron. We appreciate your intelligent comments on our blog. Have you seen the documentary ‘The God WHo Wasn’t There?’ I have the trailer on my new post,
    with the ad. see http://tothewire.wordpress.com/2009/05/19/something-for-the-atheists/. cheers! dorian

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