A week ago I was asking around on Twitter for recommended “storage in the cloud” services and nobody was able to offer a service by a company who didn’t look like they were about to go out of business. Nobody even *mentioned* Microsoft’s SkyDrive, probably because it was limited to 1Gb and to people in the US and UK.

No more!

Today they’ve announced they have increased the (free) storage to 5Gb, it’s available in 35 countries AND… you can access is from a Mac. Nice one MSFT!

This is the first online service of Microsoft’s that I’ll have used since I dumped Hotmail in 2004. Of course, if Google had a similar service I’d probably use that, because everything else I do is with Google. And if they come out with something (which is bound to happen) then I’ll probably move over. Nice, though, to see Microsoft do something early and right in the online services space.