17 Catholic Priests In One Diocese Accused Of Sexual Molestation!

clipped from www.pressdemocrat.com

Oswald was the 17th priest in the Santa Rosa diocese to have been accused of sexual molestation, church officials have said. The church has acknowledged paying nearly $25 million to an undisclosed number of people who asserted they were molested by at least six priests. Most victims were preteen boys when the incidents were alleged to have occurred.

The Roman Catholic Diocese in Santa Rosa, California, has agreed to pay out another $1.3 million to settle another two sexual abuse lawsuits. The most shocking paragraph in this story, however, is the one above. SEVENTEEN PRIESTS IN THE ONE DIOCESE HAVE BEEN ACCUSED OF SEXUAL MOLESTATION???!!

Tell me why the authorities haven’t stepped in and SHUT THE PLACE DOWN? That is what you call ENDEMIC. Something is broken. Of course, I argue that the Catholic Church is broken, full stop. It needs to be held to account for its crimes, just like an Enron or an AIG.

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