No Illusions Notes 17/06/2011

  • “every pencil David Rees sharpens is shipped with a signed and dated certificate authenticating that it is now a dangerous object.”
  • Chrissy and I had a great time catching up with @lelaissezfaire last night. If you don’t follow him on Twitter, you should start now. Read his blog, too.
  • Yeah Weiner had to resign. But, as Taibbi says, it’s NOT about sexting. It’s about lying his ass off about it for a week. When you have a job like that, you have to know that if you get caught lying about shit, it’s going to mean people don’t trust you and that’s kind of a bad thing for a politician. So don’t feel sorry for him. He knew the rules when he took the job.
  • As @danmc reminds me, “its also about politicians not putting themselves somewhere they can be blackmailed”. Rule #1 when you take office should be “don’t get caught doing stupid shit while you’re in office”.
  • How awesome is this TARDIS prop?  It’s the opening shot from the 1964 Hartnell-era episode “The Aztecs”. Doctor Who TARDIS 1964

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