A Letter to PM Gillard

Dear Prime Minister,
I am writing to express my disgust at your government’s treatment of an honourable Australian citizen, namely, Julian Assange.
Here is a man who represents the embodiment of what we consider the Australian ethos – a “fair go” for everyone. By exposing the lies, deceit and hypocrisy of United States’ diplomats and elected officials, he is helping bring about a more honest and transparent geo-political landscape.
Your lack of political, legal and moral support for Assange and your Howardesque pandering to the United States will be the downfall of your political career and your historical legacy. It’s such a shame to see Australia’s first female Prime Minister, an atheist no less, turn out to be as reprehensible and reprobate as the former Howard government.
It further reduces my trust in Australian politicians.
Yours sincerely,
Cameron Reilly
Everton Park, QLD.

You can email the PM here.

3 thoughts on “A Letter to PM Gillard

  1. Assange knowingly or unknowingly is being used for propaganda purposes.

    He is there to ark up the war between Iran and downplay the civilian deaths in Iraq while calling for Obama to resign..

    Something is going on here. The initial dump was to gain street cred, I don’t trust this guy and whatever happens is merely a puppet show for the pleps.

    He could of been arrested at any time, he goes to meetings, conferences, travels for crying out loud and nobody knows that? Let’s get logical here.

  2. It is obvious now whose side the government is on. The war is on – it’s a war between the working class and big business/the government (same thing). It’s been going on for centuries but their game is finally up – the slaves are now wearing armbands to identify themselves. Now we will see how many of us there are.

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