So yesterday was an interesting day. I think perhaps the best reaction to the magazine was from Garth Kidd who called me from a train station in Sydney about 5pm on his way home from work. He obviously hasn’t been reading the blog so he knew nothing about it and he walked up to a news stand, saw my picture, and started pissing himself laughing while the people around him gave him strange looks.

I got a few phone calls and emails but it wasn’t too crazy.

In middle of all that… I was driving around Melbourne about 12pm and my car started to splutter and cough and then died. I managed to steer it over to the curb before it came to a complete stop. The reason? Ran out of petrol. The warning light had been on for… a few hours? A day? A few days? I don’t know. Have been too busy to fill it up. Anyway so fortunately, I was about a block away from the BMW dealership where I bought the car two years ago, so I rang BMW Assist and they sent a guy over about ten minutes later to put some petrol in my tank. I also happened to stop just outside a café so I just calmly put my emergency lights on, went inside, got lunch, and sat there reading the Bulletin until BMW Assist arrived. Ah… the highs and the lows in a day. Who said there is a fine line between the sublime and the ridiculous?

Four days until I leave and I still don’t have accommodation for San Fran. There are going to be a few Aussie Web2.0 guys over there though (Chris Saad, Marty Wells, Nik Cubrilovic) so we’re talking about getting a place and throwing a good old fashioned Aussie BBQ.

God I have so much to do before I leave….

"Went down to St Tropez where Renoir paints the walls…"