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I’m very excited today to release the news that I’ve partnered up with to co-produce the "Brisbane Confidential" series that I’ve been talking about for the last year. Brisbane has a surprising number of cool, funky places and I want to show them to you. Each week the series will showcase some of the funkiest cafes, bars, restaurants, boutique stores and events in Brisbane. New episodes will be available each Thursday on, and through iTunes.

Partnering up with is exciting because they are THE site to tell you about what’s happening around Brisbane. They have huge reach in Brisbane, about 500,000 people visit their site each month. When I made a decision to move up here early last year, the first site I ended up on to learn more about Brisbane was and I remember thinking at the time "I wish they had some podcasts".

Well, now they do. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Announcing my partnership with

  1. great work cam. It will be great to see your content available on their site. Is ourbrisbane picking the places you’ll go or are you still ‘finding’ them?

  2. Thanks Angus. I’m picking the places, but because the folks at ourbrisbane know EVERYONE in Brisbane, they are opening a lot of doors for me, esp when it comes to events, etc.

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