What If Australia Was Palestine?


How would you, as an Australian, feel if the majority of the non-Jewish Australian population had been forced by a superior military (supported by the United States) into the green zones on the right image over the last 50 years, with 75% of the white zone being occupied by Jewish settlers? What kind of response would you get from most Australians? Would you sit back and accept it? Or would you fight back with whatever tools you have available to you?

source: http://www.palestineinformation.org/2b_disappearing_4_maps

5 thoughts on “What If Australia Was Palestine?

  1. What if you were offered a situation in which the Isr. were allowed to form a country in the areas they possessed (= bought from the people who owned it) and the countries/people around it responded by attacking the country. In the war that followed the non-usa supported Jewish troops conquered some more territory and from there it went down hill.

    On the other hand: how about drawing the map from the perspective of Aboriginals. Did we whites ever paid them for their continent?

  2. Roy, those are good questions. You say the Zionists were “allowed” to form a country. And you’re right. They were allowed by a succession of occupying powers (the Ottomans, initially, then the British, then the UN). And you’re also right that there were conflicts post 1947 between the new Israeli nation and various neighbouring Arab states. Who started it, is a matter of debate. But the same power that “allowed” the creation of Israel, ie the UN, has classified their post-1967 settlements as illegal. So has the International Court of Justice. So if the Arabs are to respect the giving, surely the Israelis must also respect the demands to go back to the Green Line of 1967?

    As for the indigenous Australians, I wholly concur that the British should pay reparations. Or, alternatively, the “white” Australians should structure an economic deal with their descendants whereby they should receive adequate compensation. However, after 200+ years, it’s hard to work out how much that would be. A percentage of GDP? The Israel issue of the Green Line is only 35 years old and much easier to resolve.

  3. I was looking at your blog reading your opinions on podcasting. Scrolling down I saw this article and I was very surprised in a positive way.

    Even though middle-east is in the news every day, still people (even journalists) don’t seem to at all understand the history of the region.

    Israel is a very young nation and it’s people really don’t have any other connection to this region than the Bible.
    When you look at all the crisis main reason is the western invasion and religion. Still, Israel doesn’t help treating Palestinians, may I say, like shit.

    I could really go off on Israel, but I spare anyone reading. I don’t believe that Jews have any particular power in the western world but the west supports Israel greatly. Israel wouldn’t be possible without supplies from USA.

    Why does USA support Israel? Because wacko Christians can’t wait the Revelations to start already and Israelis look more like us? Ever wondered why lighter the skin goes more media cares? I don’t believe that that because of racism is because we as a species have more sympathy to people whom look more like us.

    Good Luck with your Alexander podcast from Finland! (Name is a long story.)

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