Australia ranked only 27th most peaceful nation

Australia slipped two places to be ranked only the 27th most peaceful out of 140 countries on the Global Peace Index 2008, compiled by the Economist Intelligence Unit, while neighbour New Zealand is fourth.

The USA ranked 97th, below China, Cuba and Libya.

I wonder who much coverage this will get in the MSM. Are you, as a citizen of Australia, happy with the result? Do we want to be a peaceful nation?

5 thoughts on “Australia ranked only 27th most peaceful nation

  1. Cam,

    No surprises for the bottom 5 I wouldn’t have thought. 27th I guess isn’t too bad when you look at the countries above us and where we have our fingers at the moment. maybe if Howard had a spine to stand up to Bush we would be closer to NZ at 4.

  2. I’m actually surprised the USA isn’t listed lower. Based on this book I’m reading on the CIA, they are, no question, the most violent country on the planet.

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