Hard to come up with a funny title for this post. Of course the biggest news in podcasting today is that the pretty blonde goddess of the video podcast is parting ways with Rocketboom. Why? No-one really knows. But I guess it drives home to me a couple of points.

  1. New media brands can come and go quickly.
  2. What happens to the advertisers who had bought long-term contracts with Rocketboom?
  3. Who is representing the new talent? Is there an agency yet set up to represent their interests? We need standard contracts, etc. Think Creative Commons for the talent.

Whoever picks up Amanda will have the same burst of attention that PodTech got when they hired Scoble (check out the pretty graph). Snapping her up and offering her something big was clever. I think. But although she is a huge property today, will she be huge tomorrow? I don’t know yet how much stock to put in the idea of talent in this world. In the days of yore, big names were partially big because their employers controlled the airwaves and could limit how many talents got a guernsey. It was limited supply. Carson was Carson, partly because he was a huge talent, but partly because he didn’t have much competition. Today competition is limitless. Talent? Well I’ve known lots of people in my time who were talented but didn’t have distribution. Today they can all have distribution if they want it. It’ll be fascinating to see how this all pans out over the next decade. 

UPDATE: Andrew Baron’s (her partner) statement on why she left.