With the success of The Napoleon Podcast on TPN, I’d really like to develop a whole catalogue of educational podcasts. It strikes me that there are probably tens of thousands of retired educators around the world who have knowledge, educational skills, and time. With podcasting they can each continue to make a significant contribution to the world by taking their educational skills and producing a series of podcasts (video or audio) to convey that knowledge to the rest of us.

Personally I would love to listen to a series of podcasts on mathematics, science, history, language, philosophy, literature – you name it. I’m an information junkie. I think there would be a big market for educational podcasts. Most podcasts are still news and reviews of the week but there is a growing list of shows like our Napoleon show – linear format, educational shows.

If you’re an educator and you are interested in sharing your knowledge with the world, please shoot me an email.