5 thoughts on “calming influence

  1. Mon Dieu, Cameron!

    How naive of my to think that my blog would stay insulated from those I am not addressing! I study history, Mr. Reilly and am aware of the literal terms of Napoleon’s..”rule.” But you have to be kidding me! (This all said in friendly jest)

    To suggest that Napoleon was not a dictator is outrageous! I won’t bother with historical subtleties here…or forget subtleties….the truth is more like it.

    But no, I sound angry but am actually amused and delighted by your input.

    If it were November, I would wish you a happy 18th Brumaire, but since it isn’t, I’ll just remind you of it.


    (You know, I’m just an undergrad who is being forced to write this blog for a class. Leave me be, dear sir, for this blogging world is not one which I wish to enter…(merde! too late!))

  2. I used to just take the compass firmly in my hand and stab my maths book with it… But that was years ago. Then I developed a tendency to play loud angry music on the piano but now I don’t have a piano so now I just sort of try to calm down…

    I guess I’m not that great at anger management… but at least I’m not throwing punches. Besides that only my mother and my sister are really capable of making me properly angry so it doesn’t matter too much.

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