Cam’s World 21 July 2007

Bundaberg. Cold. Slow. No 3G. Using my mum’s PC. She’s on some bullshit BigPond DSL plan where she only gets 400Mb a month for $40!! And it’s nearly used up, so I’m moving her to Dodo this morning. Screw Telstra BigPond and their bullshit data plans. Everyone – make sure your parents are getting screwed by their ISP. Have spent the last day cleaning up mum’s PC – swapping out Norton for AVG Free, moving her data over to an external drive, implementing a backup system, installing a new DVD drive, etc. Other sons mow the lawn. Just call us the Tech Support Generation.


 Have to drive five minutes down to Bargara Beach to find a semi-decent coffee. Ugh.


 According to some larrikin editing my Wikipedia entry:

“Some times uses the alias “Tony Harris” to backup his own arguements.” (sic)


Love this story on BoingBoing:

Four federal inmates were indicted Tuesday on allegations that they copyrighted their names, then demanded millions of dollars from prison officials for using the names without authorization.The inmates sent demand notices for payment to the warden of the El Reno federal prison and filed liens against his property. They then hired someone to seize his vehicles, freeze his bank accounts and change the locks on his house. Unfortunately, the person they hired turned out to be an FBI agent.


I have been reading up on Bush’s new Executive Order where he “directed the Treasury Department to block the U.S.-based financial assets of anyone deemed to have threatened “the peace or stability of Iraq or the Government of Iraq” or who “undermin(e) efforts to promote economic reconstruction and political reform in Iraq.” The order also enables Treasury to target those individuals who prevent “humanitarian assistance to the Iraqi people”. As Bush and Friends have been responsible for 700,000+ civilian deaths in Iraq, I’m wondering if this EO means Treasury will block HIS assets.

Read the Executive Order or read an analysis of it by some experts.


Neet and I cracked up this morning over this clip of prisoners in the Phillipines performing “Thriller”.

4 thoughts on “Cam’s World 21 July 2007

  1. Cam, I recommend wacking avast! instead of AVG on your Mum’s PC. I think it is just that much better. All the updates are automatic and there are some great incorporated features such as IM and P2P scanning (and more). You do need to register for a free license key once a year. But this is corporate software for free and I really can’t fault it. No spam either btw.

    The registration page is here

    I have been using it for about 6 months and I think it is excellent. Cheers!

  2. So your denying making the comments about Cam posting as me on wikipedia?

    After the wise-crack you made on twitter last Friday about whether me and Cam have been seen together you appear to be the likely culprit.

    I do exist just ask Frank Arrigo.

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