John Pilger’s UTOPIA

I had the opportunity this morning (5:30am my time!) to participate in a live discussion on Al Jazeera with John Pilger, the famous Australian investigative journalist, supporter of Julian Assange, and documentarian, about his new documentary “Utopia”,...

GDay World Live 13 Oct 2009

Here’s the recording from tonight’s live show where we discussed Satan, God the Separator, Iran, Obama, Chavez, Che, Fidel, and men wearing blackface. Oh and we performed a little Nick Cave duet. Twice. Tune in to next week’s show here....

recording from GDay World Live 290909

Recordings from tonight’s live show. It’s in three parts because uStream kept dropping out. Ugh. And the audio on the first two parts is peaking, but they aren’t very long. We talked mostly about the implications of the discovery that Hitler’s...

Snippet from gdayworld live 220909

Here’s a short snippet from last night’s live show – Chrissy and I playing a violin / guitar / vocal duet. The song is “Once” written by Glen Hansard and from the film of the same name. Broadcast Live
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