2 thoughts on “Complete the TPN Nov 2005 listener survey!

  1. G’Day World!!!!

    Cam, Mick, you guys are excellent and doing great stuff! Only one worry, your not doing what you started out with! Get some more of just you two together making a muck up of things that piss you off, or that are going well. I can remember one of your earlier guests mentioning the same thing.

    For my self, one of the best comments was when you went off on Hotmail for not refunding your yearly subscription to their service, or even imagining anyone would want to. That stuff is GOLD man!!!

    Also, because no one asked, best cast was with the lady talking about Napoleon. Yea, I have been here in silence for a while now…

    To anyone who complains about the length of the cast, bug off! Continue whatever rudimentary task you think you should be doing and let the rest of us enjoy Cam’s interviews. Never limit yourself buddy.

    Cheers Mate,

    And always remember to watch your head in the scrums!!

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