Mike Van Niekerk does it again. Barely a month since James Farmer left Fairyfax as the guy running their blogs, blogger Jack Marx gets sacked for writing what everyone is thinking about Kevin Rudd. Well I guess we know the lay of the land now people. News Corp is voting Libs and FairyFax are voting ALP. Let the games begin!

This just goes to show what we all know about “old” media – they are “old”. They say “hey! we get new media! we have blogs!” but then they play the same tired old political games they have always played, censoring and editing their content to suit the agenda of their fat, white, rich corporate bosses. Okay – Rupert is hardly fat. But you get my point.

clipped from www.news.com.au

MEDIA group Fairfax today sacked award-winning blogger Jack Marx after he posted a satirical article imagining what Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd got up to in a New York strip club.

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