First LOTU church meeting tonight in SL

Want to have a front row seat for the start of a new religion? In a thousand years, do you want them to be writing your name in the histories?

Well tonight is your chance. I’m holding the first ever church service for LOTU. As befitting a 21st century religion, the meeting will be held in Second Life at TPN’s virtual HQ. Starting 9pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time.

7 thoughts on “First LOTU church meeting tonight in SL

  1. Sorry mate couldn’t make it.
    I’m still having trouble signing up 1st life.

    Anyway, I think I’ll signing up to Pat’s new religion instead.

    Something about his sarcastic style appeals to me.

    But then it is often more about the singer than the song isn’t it.

  2. Religion on 2L has got me thinking.

    If avatars in online worlds like 2L could die would this effect the way they behaved on line and if you could choose a death consequence that was analogues to the ones that the various religions offer which would you pick?

    From my own perspective the atheist model (total oblivion)would be the least attractive of them all and yet this is exactly how I see things turning out for me at the end of this life.

    To me just goes to show that you don’t choose atheism, it is just the only thing left once you have discounted all the fanciful options.

  3. I don’t see death as “total oblivion”. What really changes? The atoms that make up “my body” when I die remain as atoms. Molecular structures may shift, but fundamentally nothing changes. This thing we call “awareness” or “consciousness” which is, as far as I can tell, just an emergent property of very high data processing, ceases (as far as we know). The problem isn’t with death. The problem is with what we identify with. This of yourself as consciousness as death might seem like oblivion. Think of yourself as atoms… and nothing changes.

  4. Yep, Cameron “deconstruction” is probably a better way to look at it.

    Having been close to deconstruction myself once and lying there contemplating that fact has given me the courage to face this inevitable reality without the need to imagine that I will continue existence in a fantasy land with imaginary friends.

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