Five Years and A New Beginning

As G’Day World is five years old this month (it started life on November 29, 2004), I’ve decided to sort of retire it. A show that started as a tech news podcast has, over the years, become my personal exploration of what’s really going on in the world. Hence the new name: No Illusions. I don’t think the G’Day World name really tells people who have never listened to the show before what to expect. Hopefully the new name is more descriptive. The format for the show is going to stay the same and the old URL will point to the new site, so there shouldn’t be any drop in continuity.

Also you’ll have noticed the new site design. Xminds have been working on this for me for the last few weeks. The No Illusions logo is something I threw together quickly last night and I’ll get a better one designed soon. But I’d love to get any other feedback from you on what you like and don’t like about the design so we can get the template right and roll it out across TPN.

9 thoughts on “Five Years and A New Beginning

  1. Actually Cam I saw your new site design today so this is a appropriate place to say how much I like it.

    Clean, crisp and easy to read. Generally I think it looks great and the rebranding is more suitable to the way your personal style has evolved.

    As for the five years, well in podcasting years that is all there is, or as near to the beginning as counts. I’ve listened to hundreds of your episodes and learnt a great deal from yourself and your guests. As a matter of fact I think G’Day world was one of the first five podcasts I listened to when I finally got around to hearing my first in October 2006.

    I was personally inspired by what you and other podcasters who started in this field into starting my own podcast. In essence learning from the giants who came before me.

    Thanks for all you’ve done, all your doing and I’m watching to see where all of this is going.


  2. I consider stumbling across this podcast to be one of the best things I did back in 2007. Good luck with the name change Cameron, and I hope you keep the eye-opening, brain-tonic podcasts coming! (I joined your TPN 500 thingy, with my $20pm contribution. Worth every cent.)

  3. Hi Cam,

    I’m under “No Illusions” that the re-brand will work and be every bit as good as good as G’Day World.

    Years ago I got turned onto podcasting via Napoleon 101 and then earlier this year listening to G’Day world episodes as I travelled around the south island was an epiphany.

    Keep up the good work.

    Thanks for supporting Ardoch too. A very worthy cause.

  4. Whoa.. almost two weeks since I’ve been to G’day world and then pow!

    Looks great. Feels fresh. Tastes good.

    I’m a few weeks away from my 1st year of my odd erratic little blog (just a baby really). I always gain something from TPN and G’day World.

    Thanks comrade

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