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Dr Mohamed Haneef is a 27-year old physician who was arrested on July 2, 2007 at the Brisbane Airport, Brisbane, Australia for suspected terror-related activities, specifically in connection to 2007 Glasgow International Airport attack. He has currently been held in prison by Australian authorities for 24 days without being charged and now that it is clear that there is no evidence to suggest he had anything to do with any terrorist activities, the Australian Government has decided to deport him to rid themselves of the embarrassment.

Free Haneef

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13 thoughts on “Free Haneef T-Shirt

  1. Sorry Molly but what was their eveidence. A phone SIM card he gave to a brother-in-law 12 months ago back in England. If that’s the best they can come up with it’s no wonder Beattie called them Keystone Kops.

    We now have less rights than we ever had before because we are so happy to follow the Seppos in whatever Mr Bush decides.

    I was watching a Henry Rollins spoken word DVD the other night and he talked about a trip he had down here a few yrs back. He was doing the BDO and was flying from NZ to Sydney reading a book and started chatting with a guy about the trip and then settled down to just reading. Anyways he gets back home to LA and gets an email from AFP saying the guy he was sitting next to didn’t like the title of the book he was reading and had reportd him to AFP and he was now aperson “of interest” to AFP.

    The book he was reading was called Jihad, written by a Univeristy proffesr from one of the big Uni’s over there, was also on the NYT best-sellers list but because of the name of the book he was labelled a person “of interest”.

    Maybe if people took time to understand things they see and read then maybe the rest of the world would be more tolerant. ATM we basically are having our freedoms eroded a little bit more everyday and everyone just accepts it. Pretty soon we will be living in the world of V for Vendetta and will have noone to blame but ourselves.

    Cam you should get Rollins on your show, he is just awesome.

  2. As I say “Fake Cam”, I would rather they take the risk that they lock someone up that has done nothing then they not and possibly (even if its a billion to 1 risk) have people killed.

    Anyway, the government can’t win. Look at how they were shit canned after the Bali bombings for not warning the public and then shit canned after for putting out every warning. Thats why I say, lock up one person and say sorry to him if they are wrong rather then don’t lock him up and say sorry to 10’s, 100’s or 1000’s of people later on!

    I agree its not the best situation, but welcome to the real world!

  3. Yea Cam Rollins is like a god, if I believed in such a thin he would be right up there.

    Molly the government can win by posting alerts as soon as they hear about potential threats. Holding on to that information dosen’t so anyone any good. Even despite warnings not to head to Indonesia Aussies have still been flocking over there this year. if they have been made aware of a threat and still decide to go then that is their choice to make, not the governments.

  4. Yeah Tony but the problem is if there was another bomb and even the Gov put out a warning, People will complain saying they didn’t listen to the Gov as they put out Too many warnings and they thought they were just covering there ass!

    And whats the difference (in principle) between not taking chances with what alerts to put out and with what people to not trust?


  5. The principle at stake here is – what kind of society do we want to live in? One where the human rights of everyone is protected? Or one in which the human rights of everyone is deniable?

    Personally, I think that a society that is prepared to deny the human rights of a single person is in decline.

    Do we now say “well it’s in the majority’s best interests to take the wealth of the rich people and disperse it amongst the poor”?

    Do we now say “it’s in the majority’s best interests to kill anyone with a communicable disease”?

    The reason western society has developed due process (through much hardship and bloodshed over thousands of years of struggle) is so we can have the fairest possible system. Let’s not allow our current “leaders” to trash those hard-won gains.

  6. Dude, From memory (and your beloved Wikipedia) he WAS charged and then given bail. The government did follow the process you want them too by in acting the “character grounds” of his Visa. I will admit that for others they might not act so strictly but they aren’t acting above the law. If you think the law is wrong, hurry up and get that Terror (or what ever you want to call it) party up and going and convince the people they were wrong and need to change things.

    Anyway, Don’t blame the government or Authorities, they have no free Will, remember!!!! DOWN WITH THE CHEMICALS, i say!


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