G’Day World #10 2005-11-22

Today’s rant.

You know I just realised that this is only G’Day World #10. Ten!! Ten stinkin’ shows?? In a year?? Ten shows that didn’t involve interviews. Man… that’s just slack.

Today I’m talking about:

Doc Searls’ article “Saving The Net”.
Chris Anderson’s comments on the continuing decline in traditional media.
James Bamford’s article “The Man Who Sold The War”
The BBC’s report that the US army used “white phosphorus” as a weapon in Iraq.

13 thoughts on “G’Day World #10 2005-11-22

  1. Hey Cam listening to the show on stream at work.

    Maybe one day you will tell us what you really feel. I do agree with what you are saying about the politicians and how they lied to us about why they went to war.

    I work with a guy from Iraq who was a kid when Saddam took over power and he knows what it was like then and says he should be taken out of power. I think all dictators should be out of power but having said that I don’t agree with how it was done and it was a total farce and the reasons they have provided were fake and I can’t believe we didn’t see this when it happened.

  2. Who said it was bloodless?
    Now… Stop using my comments to rack up your googlerank or you’ll be next to feel my wrath.

  3. Woah, just listened to the podcast… Don’t hold back there Cam! Say what you really mean πŸ™‚
    You know, everytime they reckon that our internet freedoms are at risk, I feel we can just look at that recent Sony fiasco with the rootkits. As far as I was concerned, those rootkits they were a serious infringement on our privacy (and to an extent, our freedom) but as a testament to the internet community, everyone rallied via Slashdotting and Digg-ing and so-on to eventually force main-stream news coverage and eventually a back-down by Sony.
    I can only hope that this sort of community movement has the power to block any evil change to the internet, including Skype blocking. Though how it failed to block the Iraq invasion/occupation/subjugation/conquest, your guess is as good as mine…(maybe Americans were itching to play with guns too much? – ooooo, yep I went there…)

  4. Paul, ya know, I hope that as well. but if Doc and David are scared, I’m scared. What they’re talking about is more than blogger beating up on stupid business practices. They are talking about the very pipes we talk over getting stomped on. They are talking about forces more powerful than any of us can imagine ripping out the heart of the internet. Sony was caught because the people had a voice. Can you imagine that would have happened to Sony if this was ten years ago? The mainstream media (which Sony owns a lot of btw) would have let it slide with maybe a mention on page 5. Take away the net and we lose our voice and our power to change things. That’s EXACTLY what the telcos, media companies and governments want – SHEEP. Buy what we tell you to buy. Watch what we tell you to watch. Vote how we tell you to vote. And we’ll let you continue to think that you are “free” and live in a “democracy” if that’s what will make you happy. But stop doing what we want you to do, and we’ll bitchslap you back into the middle ages.

  5. Hey Cam, just a couple of things.

    First of all, your interview with Ray Kurzweil led me to buy The 10% Solution which finally opened my eyes to what a healthy diet really means. I’m in my early forties and despite having been vegetarian for almost 30 years I’ve been struggling with my weight lately. A good scientific explanation can persuade me like nothing else can. I’m still in the transition phase but I’ve eaten my last chocolate bar and my last bag of crisps/chips ever – thanks!

    OK, on-topic now. Really enjoyed your rant today. You said you’re sure what Rendon did/does must be moral and legal. I think that’s just the after-effects of the establishment’s brainwashing because your own comments contradict that. As far as I’m concerned, once you illegally invade another people’s country everything that follows from that, including for example the UN’s blessing of the occupation, is illegal, unethical and, if you must drag a religious concept into things, immoral. And it follows logically from that, that it becomes the duty of every human being, good and true, to fight this pernicious criminality. With non-lefties like yourself Cam, who needs lefties! πŸ˜‰

    Well done mate, keep up the good work!

  6. John, Glad you got onto Ray’s 10% philosophy. He’s pretty convincing, isn’t he! I’ve ordered his “Fantastic Voyage” health book from last year which i somehow missed when it came out.

    Regarding Rendon – I guess I was thinking (with my lawyers looking over my shoulder) that Rendon himself (and, more specifically, Paul Moran, the Australian journalist) weren’t necessarily doing anything illegal or immoral. After all, all they did was tell stories. Moran did an interview with a lying Iraqi dissident. Rendon manipulated what we saw and heard and read about Saddam and, by doing so, eased the way for the Hawks. Rendon didn’t invade Iraq. But he did smooth the path. So… whether or not his actions were unethical or immoral, I’ll leave up to someone who is a better judge than I. Is it despicable? Absolutely.

  7. Hey Mick,
    Thanks for the support. I just noticed that at least your name still remains on the header of the site. Also like the new design on the Blues and Jazz website. Are you rolling that out network wide?

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