Hunter & Taylor make their podcasting debut by discussing their favourite superheros, whether or not they would choose superhero powers over jedi powers, what their favourite XBOX game is, and by making fart noises. I’m such a proud dad.

6 thoughts on “GDAY WORLD! #103

  1. Holy cow, how cute were these two? I heard the show early this morning, and then again when I had my five-year listen to it, too. He was thrilled to hear other kids as into superheroes as he is.

  2. Hello Hunter – Hello Taylor

    I liked your show a lot. I have a question about hot cross buns, they sound delicious, what are they, and where can I get some? I hope you can tell me on your next podcast.
    My wife is a great cook, maby she can make me some.

    Best regards and continued sucess from Lyme, Connecticut, USA

  3. interesting concept, next time just mix the audio a bit better, stero on ear buds makes it really weried to hear a slight echo but really loud sounds only in 1 ear..

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