allTunes – buy entire albums for $1.50

South Korea wants robots in every house by 2010

Swapzies and Stridr – new mp3 and online storage options

LastFM, audioscrobbler and MusicIP

Eric Rice sticks the boot into Podshow

Richard Siklos’ article in the NYT today

Squidoo MLM or not?

As always, our Intro / Outro music “D24″ courtesy of Melbourne band Spruiker and I record my Skype calls using Skylook.

And if you dig the show, pull your goddamn finger out and vote for G’DAY WORLD on

5 thoughts on “GDAY WORLD! #104

  1. On the Podshow thing, I think my problem isn’t so much with the contract on its own, but with the Contract after the way they protray themselves. The continue to bag the music industry (rightly or wrongly) and yet they use all of the same tactics.

    Also don’t think that they are transparent enough when it comes to certain things. Perfect example is that one of there sponsors, Acuvue. Curry plugs a podcast that Acuvue created (trys to claim that the girls got sponsored. Yeah and I have a million dollars. They were created, big difference) and only occastionally mentions that they are a sponsor and thats the reason for the plug!

    An they way they deal with critism is just a joke.


  2. The thing about Korea and broadband rates always sound impressive until you dig deeper and discover that over 80% of the population lives in 3 cities. When you only have to roll out broadband to three cities of course you can get high rate of access easy.

  3. That’s pretty good, I just get sick mostly of hearing how adoption rates in the US lag, but then you look we have 1000 times the land mass vs SK and especially in the West where I live we don’t have the population concentrations of a SK so naturally it will take longer. How long did it take to build major raillines both in Austrailia and US, yet people feel rollout is stalled because it hasn’t happened overnight. I want and support broadband rollout, but sometimes infrastructure takes time.

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