G’Day World #11 2005-11-25

I’m thinking a lot these days about what I can do to give back something to my local community. My discussions with folks like Father Bob, Mike Seyfang and Mark Keogh have helped inspire my thinking. On today’s show, I share my thoughts on the subject and tell you a little about what I’m going to be contributing over the next year.

3 thoughts on “G’Day World #11 2005-11-25

  1. Great idea about the forgotten army. I suspect the outcomes will include a major learning curve for the army of volunteers. Just a note of caution, it could come across (to homeless people) as a bit top-down and even voyeuristic. Volunteers will need to expect a range of emotional responses including resentment, after all, they represent the successful in a society that really doesn’t give a damn. But you & Fr Bob will have considered all that and so I wish you all the best.

    My retired-chef husband wanted to do the Christmas dinner thing last year and I had a similar response as you got from charities: ‘we’re not doing anything’ or just no return call. Leaves people wondering how they can engage at all, and the Forgotten project is a terrific answer to that.

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