G’Day World #14 2005-11-30

In today’s “from the Camobile” rant, I rant about…

  • listening to Ron Moore’s Battlestar Galactica podcast BEFORE I watch the episode
  • Manufactured Scarcity
  • The Star Wars Revelations fan film
  • The genesis of HAPPY TREE FRIENDS
  • complaints made about my bad language
  • My brain damage news
  • US Border Patrol knows how to Google
  • the new Australian sedition legislation
  • The Million Geek March
  • 5 thoughts on “G’Day World #14 2005-11-30

    1. So…do you say “fuck” in front of the boys Cam??? Because i think thats the main problem the guy had with your language…it was on the personal productivity show (not the Cam’s Rant show) and he was listening to it in the car with his kids.

    2. yes Mick I sometimes do. But that’s not the point. I don’t play podcasts I haven’t listened to before to my kids. I am the guardian of what my kids do and do not listen to – not the people making the podcasts. I never signed up to be the moral guardian of someone else’s kids. That’s their responsibility. Don’t blame me for what you let your kids listen to. And, btw, EVERY show I do is Cam’s rant show. I only have one song.

    3. ben, I’m counting on you guys editing the wiki on our behalf. Kind of bummed that none of you have jumped in there on our behalf yet!

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