GDAY WORLD!!! #156 – Coping with keeping your mind

Last week Dave “The Lifekludger” Wallace and Mike “The Fang” Seyfang, the hosts of TPN’s Extraordinary Everyday Lives podcast, had me on as a guest to discuss how I deal with stress and cope with upheaval. All three of us have had an interesting year with a variety of personal and professional challenges and we talk about how we coped. Then one of my kids hurt himself and I had to dash, but I think we covered some interesting stuff. As it’s in line with some previous shows I’ve done over the last couple of months, I thought it might be worth throwing into the G’Day World feed (apologies to anyone already subscribed to the EEL show who will get it twice). If you like the focus of the show, subscribe to the regular EEL feed for future Dave & Mike shows.

3 thoughts on “GDAY WORLD!!! #156 – Coping with keeping your mind

  1. Great podcast, guys! I took this as a bit of a departure from the usual G’Day World content, but I thoroughly enjoyed it as much as I have the others. Cheers guys, keep up the good work.

  2. I just recently found your podcast & I love it! I was catching up and caught this one, which is particularly relevant to things in my life right now. Thanks for the discussion!

    Also, there’s a book called “What should I do with my life” that looks at the stories of people who have faced job-change situations, turning adversity into creativity.

    Keep up the great work — I’ll keep listening!


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