GDAY WORLD #217 – On Buckminster Fuller, Mediated and Contributing Something

A bit of a private chat tonight between me and… you. There’s a couple of things I wanted to get off my chest. So… no guests, no interviews, no co-host… just a quiet chat. I do chat a bit about Buckminster Fuller’s biography, about Zengotita’s book “Mediated”, and about being me.

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11 thoughts on “GDAY WORLD #217 – On Buckminster Fuller, Mediated and Contributing Something

  1. The ‘you’ that you are on podcasts (performing) isn’t the same as the ‘you’ that you are in day to day life but they are both you… if that makes any sense (keeping in mind I’ve been helping Nay with her english essay all night)

    You needn’t worry about it being false because whilst the performing Cam is probably more confident and loud than the normal Cam the thoughts and opinions behind it are the same.

    Just like noone really does anything drunk that they wouldn’t at least consider sober.

    On another note I respect you for speaking your mind. There are far to few people with the balls to stand by their opinions. Mol and that complain alot but they still seem to feel the need to argue with you about it so they can’t be THAT bored of it.

  2. Personally I don’t think you’re harping on the whole religion thing too much. Religion, particularly the Catholic religion takes up far too much of our current society–A lot of Catholics look down on other people’s views/opinions/lifestyles because they don’t fit into the Catholic perspective. And I think that is wrong and it needs to be debated until they come to the realization that someone else’s ideas might differ from theirs and denying their existence isn’t going to make them go away. Trying to impose your will and opinions on another person is wrong in any (sane) religion.

    I also enjoy it when Cam speaks his mind and tells us what he thinks is right and wrong.

    I’d still like to hear more about the future prospects of TPN and the results of his trip to the US. Hell, if I had money, I’d certainly think about getting in on TPN. (Good thing I’m not rich, eh?)

  3. Cam, I love this episode, one of my all time faves. I love the reflection and the quiet of just you.

    Re: religion… keep it coming. Big and important issues, and you don’t want to let ‘politeness to Christians’ get in the way of a robust discussion.

    Love the Bucky story. What a guy.

  4. Just got through this podcast and it struck me on a number of levels. Firstly; Cam the religions vs science thing is a massive issue i think and one that is hugely underestimated by many people. But I think it is the same apathy towards the accountability of religion that has brought about the current state of affairs that has generated the comments against the recent shows. Anyone who cares about the dignity and advancement of the human race should be taking positions against religion.

    Anyway, the show struck me more so on some thoughts i’ve been having this morning and last night. To set the scene, my mother was diagnosed with FTD (dementia) about 2 years ago and has lost all communication and organization skills since that point. Yesterday it was confirmed that she also has motor neuron disease. It is progrssing fast and i found out yesterday that she has less than six months to live.
    Apart from all the other feelings i’ve had since, i am upset nearly the most by the fact that for a woman who is/was (by many accounts) one of the most generous, kind, loyal, sacrificing, loving people you could ever know, she will have effectively no legacy beyond the death of her close friends and myself and my brother.
    She was a physiotherapist at a community health centre who rejected the private sector because she saw it as a greater service to her fellow humans. She worked manly with the elderly and immigrants as those were the people who use the community services in my area. Many people only tolerate other cultres but she was a person who eagerly sought to understand and embrace the many cultures she came in contact with.

    I think legacy is all too often a result of selfpromotion btu where is the justice for people such as my mother? I have had thoughts for a few months now about starting an annual event at the high school she sent me and my brother to (and loved so much) to raise money for FTD and MND research but it appears now that it will have to be after her passing as there’s just too much to do.

    Sorry for the length of my comment (it might just be my desire for her to have a legacy). Just thinking out loud as it coincided with this episode.

    Keep up the shows Cam – 2000 years is long enough. It’s time for the human race to grow up.

  5. Hugo, I’m sorry to hear about your mum mate. Tough times. I lost my dad to cancer a few years ago and I was just thinking last night that he left behind, well, pretty much nothing other than the memories people have of him. You are your mother’s legacy. But… and here’s the kicker… you are the legacy of 3 million years of the human race. In fact, you are the legacy of 5 BILLION years of all living organisms on this planet. After 5 BILLION years of crawling around in the mud, fighting for every breath… YOU are what was produced. YOU are their legacy.

    What are you going to do with it? What can you contribute to the planet? All each of us can do is try to make our lives mean something.

  6. Yeah, i guess it does come down to your own values. I do know that us doing well would make her extremely happy and content. So it’s up to me.

    Expect big things…

  7. Hey Cam,

    Really great episode, and what I think podcasting is all about. You may have people tuning out because your not talking about technology any more but I’m tuning in now that you’re talking religous stuff (and I’m a Christian – of sorts). I really appreciate your honesty. You may not be revealling your whole self but I think that’s ok as long as you say that and are aware of that.

    I think the fact that you have the Father Bob podcast is proof that you’re not being fundamentalist about the whole thing just wanting to get into an intellegent vigarous debate. You remind me of a good friend who I used to invite along to see my band play gigs. He would often say things like “chris that was complete shit” He’d still think I was a good friend and still thought I should continue playing music he was just being honest – which often gets translated as aggressive. So keep being honest and keep letting us know what you’re wrestling with. I’d love to offer another religous type podcast but I’ll work on having someonething half decent on my blog before I go down that path.

  8. Hey Cameron, Great Show, I loved it.
    Please don’t stop talking about Religion or any other topic that people may think is taboo.
    If there aren’t people like you out there talking about the hard things we will all end up like mindless drones taking our information only from the corporate mass media that is serverd up to us on TV and in newspapers. I am a big TV fan but try to not watch any news, current affiars or election ads on the TV because I want to get my info from more varied sources.

    (It’s interesting that none of the other people who were complaining about there being too much religion talk have come onto these comments to say so… everyone has been overwhelimingly for you to continue…)

    On the topic of TV, yes I would love to contribute something to the world, but I do love watching TV also… at the moment TV is winning, but who knows what will happen in the future…
    But I do agree with what Molly says above – what about video games etc. Watching and hour of CSI and playing WOW or XBox for 1 hour (probably not possible), would do the same for the energy levels to get out there and do something to contribute the betterment of society…

  9. Thanks Jodie. Yeah the feedback on the religion subject has actually been overwhelmingly positive, the people advising me against it or complaining are in the minority.

    Re XBOX vs watching TV – I think they are COMPLETELY different. XBOX is an active outlet. It forces you to think, to use your brain (at least the games I play do).

    TV is passive. The hard work has been done for you by someone else. You just sit and watch.

    NOW… not all TV is bad. As you know, I love a whole bunch of TV shows. Sopranos, BSG, Heroes, Deadwood, Curb, Weeds, Scrubs, etc. Great TV is like great theatre or great literature or great film – it can stimulate, entertain, and give you a better insight into the human condition. Nothing at all wrong with that.

    What I worry about though are people who watch lowest-common-denominator TV, eg reality TV shows, sport, etc. While there might be some aspects of those shows which can enlighten you about humanity, most of it is designed to dull the mind and keep people dumb. They are the pacifier of the masses.

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