GDAY WORLD #222 – Greydon Square, Atheist Rapper

Greydon Square is the future of hiphop.

Greydon Square

Raised an orphan by Seventh Day Adventists in Compton, Los Angeles, he did time at 17 for possession of a weapon, then joined the US Army for a tour of Iraq, where he did bible group in his spare time with a view to becoming a minister after he was discharged. However, the more he learned about Christianity, the more he questioned it.

Today he is studying cosmology and quantum physics at University and self-producing his own hiphop album with a powerful message – that rational thinking is superior to religion and faith.

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The G’Day World Theme Song is “Save Me” by The Napoleon Blown Aparts.

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4 thoughts on “GDAY WORLD #222 – Greydon Square, Atheist Rapper

  1. Cam, this has to be one of the best shows you have done.

    Greydon Square is amazing and i thank you for having him on the show, and him for being on the show.

  2. I’m not a big fan of rap music, but this guy sounded really intelligent, has good arguments to make and can actually converse in an intellectual manner. Impressive!

  3. Thanks for playing The Global Geek Podcast Promo on the show. Muchly appreciated cheers!

    …We are trying to get another one together – time zones are a bastard.

  4. Cam, this was an excellent interview. Graydon was very interesting and I even liked the little bit of the music you played.
    My new favorite saying now just has to be “lemmegetyaback”

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