G’DAY WORLD #241 – Second Life Cable Network

My guest today (from Cafe Panetta in South Melbourne – try the Three Crows merlot, truly wonderful) on show n-1 (the last show before I have Vint Cerf on) is Gary aka “Wiz Nordberg” Wisniewski, Founder/CEO of SLCN, the Second Life Cable Network, “a professional video network designed to expand the in-world audience as well as deliver virtual entertainment to the real-world”.

I asked Gary to explain the Second Life phenomenon to me – what people currently see in it, where it’s going in the short term, long term, and the role of SLCN.

Read Wiz’s Smart Company blog.

Anyone pick the opening sound bite??

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3 thoughts on “G’DAY WORLD #241 – Second Life Cable Network

  1. Hey Cam. Loved the content for this podcast but the background noise of the cafe was a bit much at times. Yes I like the ambience but better mic set ups would be appreciated so that the background doesn’t detracted from the important information. You did seem to be enjoying yourselves! Cheers

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