G’DAY WORLD #242 – Vint Cerf

Here’s the show you’ve been waiting for folks!

What can I say about Vint Cerf? One of the founding fathers of the Internet. Winner of the Turing Award. VP and Chief Internet Evangelist of Google, Inc. Chairman of ICANN. Trekkie. He’s in Facebook.

By the way, is it just me or does his cover photo here bear a strange resemblance to mine?

Vint Cerf

Cameron Reilly

Rumour has it he was also the inspiration for the character of “The Architect” in The Matrix. Check out this image.

Here’s a couple of questions that I asked him:

    What does the Chief Internet Evangelist at Google do?
    Which job has been more fun – Google or being “special technical adviser” on Gene Roddenberry’s Earth: Final Conflict?

    What was Al Gore’s actual role in inventing the Internet?

    Back in 1973, when Vint and Bob Kahn developed TCP/IP, did they have any idea how big it would become?
    Is the Interplanetary Internet (which Vint has been working on with JPL) for more than making sure astronauts have good access to porn on a trip to Mars?

    When are we going to see IPv6 rolled out more widely?

    Where are we currently at with Network Neutrality?
    What is the role of ICANN and who should get involved?

    If he could go back in time, what advice would he give to Vint Cerf in 1973?

It was obviously a great pleasure and honour to have Mr Cerf of the show and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. And I have to sincerely thank Stan Relihan and Carla, Vint’s Chief of Staff, for helping set it up. This morning was certainly a highlight of my podcasting career.

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11 thoughts on “G’DAY WORLD #242 – Vint Cerf

  1. I live in suburbs of Atlanta, GA in USA–was invited to your podcast by my Linked-In Network contact and Australian host Stan Relihan. He typifies the profile of why so many people enjoy Linked-In–sharing information for building professional and business relationships.

    Very interesting program Cameron…you asked Vint Cert some great questions.

    Thank you Vint Cert for your insights and contributions to the Internet. Good luck with IP v 6.0! With the growth of networks, the year 2009 does not seem so far out now for planning the move to IP v 6.0. The infrastructure is something most people take for granted.

    I was wondering what Vint Cert thought the shift of the Internet from a knowledge sharing avenue primarily restricted to academia and researchers to more open networking that is inclusive of business professionals and others now–what are some of the ramifications other than the need for more infrastructure? With ICAD and other positions he has held, what does he see or predict in the future?

    Again, the power of Linked-In to be able to provide such an interview is astounding. The people involved are usually responding to questions or invitations such as this because they are genuine and want to share their knowledge with others.

    Again many thanks Cameron and Stan–it was so cool to hear from one of the gurus of Internet, Vint Cert!

  2. Cameron,

    I really enjoyed listening and learning and will be recommending to my friends and Linked-in contacts (thks Stan).

    rgds, Alan

  3. Well done Cameron …
    Great content and a wonderful celebrity..

    I have to especially thank Stan Relihan from my LinkedIn network for inviting me to attend the podcast.

    Antonio Perera

  4. Great Interview, thanks to you all Cameron, Stan and Vint and thanks to the power of The Internet, Podcast and LinkedIn 🙂

    I am an SAP Consultant and it is through LinkedIn that I got to know and connect with Stan. We have exchanged a few email and phone calls and I look forward to meeting him one day.

    Stan, when you said you will try to get a Celebrity on the show I know you wouldn’t have a problem with doing it.

    Cameron, I guess with a bit of facial, a few more years then Vint would look more like you 🙂

    Ehab Elagaty
    SAP Consultant
    +61 (0)431 672164
    http://www.LinkedIn.com/in/SAPNetwork (Welcome Invitations)

  5. I’d like to begin by thanking Stan Relihan one of my LinkedIn connections demonstrating the power of the connected world and for GDay World for this one of a kind broadcast.

    The entire concept of technology and the internet is so stimulating that it is hard to contain ones enthusiasm. Since 1973, it’s been a fascination of mine and it transformed the way I thought of the future. The fact of anyone, anywhere, at anytime having access to high speed on demand, access to the power of the internet and a high performance network is a powerful force in itself. We can and likely will have any or all of e-learning, e-health, e-government, e-commerce, e-banking, e-entertainment to name (and coin) a few. Ok, e-enough with the “cute” spelling. This particular e-episode, by e-guys was great! I had the opportunity to openly participate with a great team of individuals to create deliver and implement a 21st Century infrastructure in Alberta Canada http://www.albertasupernet.ca. Thank you e-Vint Cerf you were my inspiration and enabled me to dream of ideations of the future.

  6. Greetings from Milan, Italy!
    I am really pleased to have heard about this amazing podcast thanks to Stan Relihan, one of my most recent and high-caliber LinkedIn connections. It has been an impressive tool which prooves once more how much we can learn on line (from so far as well).
    Vint Cerf has contributed with an outstanding speech, full of the visionary energy that every professional should share with people around. He is definitely a high-caliber designer, lot to teach to all of us.
    Thanks to Cameron as well (I trust interview quality is provided and inspired mainly by questions, not just by answers).

    Ciao a tutti!


  7. I enjoyed the interview of V Cerf a lot. Didn’t know what I was getting into when i connected , but it was the first time I heard his views on the early tcp/ip. I used it for years and didn’t know how it evolved. Glad I connected.

    Keep up the good work.

    Dr M J Quinn

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