G’DAY WORLD #294 – Garry Barker, The Day I Met Che Guevara

Garry Barker has been a journalist for over 50 years and in that time has had a range of amazing experiences, some of which he shares with me in today’s show. These include working for Rupert Murdoch in 1955, meeting Che Guevara and Fidel Castro in 1962, working in the White House Press Corp during the JFK years, meeting Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and his time as a war correspondent in VietNam.

You can catch Garry every week on TPN’s Take Two podcast where he interviews senior Australian business executives with his fellow journalist Leon Gettler and provides insight and analysis into the week’s business news.

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    2 thoughts on “G’DAY WORLD #294 – Garry Barker, The Day I Met Che Guevara

    1. Cam

      I’ve been doing the dawn service at Anzac Day for about the last 15 years. I have difficulty explaining why I go but I feel that it’s as a means of respect for those who did things that I never had to do and maybe my life is better because of their efforts. I have never seen it as a cool thing to do war but a huge waste of everything that humanity holds dear. This year I took my 22year old german neighbor (remember they were the bad guys) and I had a chance to look through her eyes what it was like. Boring as bat shit. That is the first time I’ve seen that. But what it was is extremely reverent to the (often niieve) actions of people to gave us what they hoped would be a good life. May I suggest if you never have, consider doing the dawn service next year with an open mind and see for yourself.

      Would it have been so bad if Germany or Japan invaded Australia as you suggest? Maybe not the countries as we know them but remember it was the Nazis and the Imperialist Japanese not the people in the street who were waring.

      The actions up to and including the conflicts showed that there were intentions by the aggressors to subjugate many nations in order to gain more power. They were not similar to the way you feel that Napoleon was in that they were not at all benevolent and John Birmingham played with the concept in his novel Final Impact : World War 2. 3 where he played out a parallel universe version where Australia pulled back to the Brisbane Line as the Japanese invaded and he showed a version of an occupation and massacre in Bundaberg (you may have heard of the town). The situation is based on the behavior of the Japanese in Asia in our history.

      Sure war is the pits and lets stop it. But if someone keeps coming maybe sometimes in the past we have had to say stop and those who go and do the dirty work I feel have made my life better and I thank them. But lets get over war and move on before we destroy everything. Gandhi is, I feel the role model for that.

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