G’DAY WORLD #304 – Social Activism update

As you know, I’m trying to figure out how I can make the world a better place. Today I had a chat with Richard Giles about some of the recent attempts I’ve made to volunteer for organisations like LifeLine and Big Brother Big Sister, my vision of a 21st century geek version of Rotary, and the following sites:


Mobile Phones and Social Activism


Father Bob Maguire’s podcast

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9 thoughts on “G’DAY WORLD #304 – Social Activism update

  1. Hey Cam,
    Nice to hear from you and Rich again. I’m thinking you need to devote another show to Second Life, specifically more about what is it, what’s its purpose is and how people can get more involved in it (and in TPN through it). I spoke to Cait (?) there the other day and I see she’s be diligently building something there beside the TPN HQ. So what are the plans for TPN in Second Life?

  2. Go, Cam! I just wonder how we heathens and non-believers could have any moral values to help others.

    Count me in!
    I’m an ASP.NET, ActionScript developer with SQL Server, Web Services, Protx, soon Django/Python web developer and whatever comes needed. I’m working freelance from home so if you need anything technical let me know how I can help.

    The second life podcasting is nice, but to me it ends up in talking about nothing but second life and how great it is. Half of the episode is like “heeeyy!!! We’re in Second Life. I have red stockings and I’m here with John who is a hobbit with a lawnmower”. I guess this will change when SL is finally considered a tool and not a new exciting toy to show off.

    I should be granted the annoying fault-spotter of TPN :] but imho the url http://www.thepodcastnetwork.com/latest-episodes.php hasn’t updated in some time now.


  3. Cam, the problem is that there isn’t enough places in the shelters. In many cases the people sleeping rough would prefer to be in a shelter but they can’t get in. Our new prime minister is making this a bit of a focus by making all his ministers go and see the crisis first hand.

    I do like the idea of getting techies united but one of the key ideas of rotary, and a reason for its success, is that you need a multi disciplined approach. Perhaps an offer of technical assistance/partnership to a more established agency/club would end up being more effective and long term. We could form a technical hit squad to offer services.

  4. Hey Cam,

    Sorry about the bum steer with lifeline. Apart from being very poor response it might actually serve to show how some tech savy people can help out non profits. My guess is that much of the information at the information session could be presented via a streaming video. The Drug ARM WA website (www.drugarmwa.org.au) is a case in point. It’s pretty clunky (to say the least) and needs an update and we just don’t have the $$ to get a pro in. The current site was created by me, being the most tech savy person in the office (knowing what a podcast is and knowing how to insert a row in a table in MS Word pretty much makes me the IT king). The volunteering Australia sites might also be a good place for people to look.

    THey are…
    National: http://www.volunteeringaustralia.org
    WA: http://www.volunteeringwa.org.au
    NSW: http://www.volunteering.com.au
    VIC: http://www.volunteeringvictoria.com.au
    SA: http://www.volunteeringsa.org.au
    QLD: http://www.volqld.org.au
    TAS: http://www.voltasinc.com
    ACT: http://www.volunteeract.com.au
    NT: vol.aust@bigpond.com

    Keep up the great work!

  5. Just another thought sparked by Angus’s comment. If their is no homeless shelter available then maybe a letter to the the papers and letters to local members could be automatically generated using location time etc… One problem is that sometimes there are servcies that people don’t know how to access, the other problem is that sometimes those services don’t exist yet. Sending a letter to a paper or local member saying I saw a homeless person tried to ring a shelter and found there was no available room for anyone is very powerful coming from a voting indivdual than from a well meaning non voting organisation, and this maybe a catalyst for change.

  6. Listening now, Uncle Nick’s digital memory idea would tie in great with a nostalgia/timeline site i’ve been wanting to do. Damn it there’s so little time. Anyone know a developer who wants to do relatively simple site with a me on the side?

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