G’Day World #306 – Steve Sammartino, Rentoid.com

The first show of 2008! My guest today is local Yarraville boy Steve Sammartino, founder of Rentoid.com. I love Steve’s approach to his business and his entrepreneurial spirit in general. He came around to Casa del Reilly this morning to talk about the Rentoid site, why he left his big income corporate marketing job and how he lives on his investment dividends. It’s a great show to start the year with!

**update 2017-05-29** – unfortunately it looks like the audio for this interview disappeared in a server crash many years ago. You might like this interview with Steve instead.

14 thoughts on “G’Day World #306 – Steve Sammartino, Rentoid.com

  1. Cam you touch on some of the ideas Tim Ferris present in The Four Hour Work Week when you mention Rivers Clothing – it’s the new way of working and I like it!

  2. Cam – Tim Ferriss’s 4-Hour Work Week and Blog made a massive impact on me. It was my must read for 2007 and Tim uses his blog to give killer ideas on how to readdress the work – play balance we all struggle with. I have learnt that earning $$$ rather than $$ doesn’t mean you are going to have all round better life. It is smarter to work out what you want to do with your life, and then work out how much money you need to fulfill this. Amyway rally interesting guy doing what I wish I can done in my 20s and 30s, but then again maybe I couldn’t have as easily because there was no internet from which I could outsource everything. Check out what he has to say on Mini Retirements and outsourcing. If you go to his blog and find you can’t stop reading you will love the book.

  3. Happy New Year Cam! As someone who currently runs an equipment rental business, I really enjoyed your discussion with Steve.

    I am like many people, I just don’t know what I want to do when I grow up! I want to do something more than what I am doing now; something I can get passionate about, something with some meaning. Just dunno what…

    Thus I really liked Steve’s idea of his weekly get togethers with his mates to discuss and brainstorm business ideas. I aI’d like to do something similar….so if anyone is interested in doing something along these lines, and live in Melbourne, I’d be keen to chat:
    shannonc@optusnet.com.au or 0421 58 77 00.

  4. Hey there, I know this is an old post but the Podcast/mp3 is not working or not available. Could you please check, reeaally interested in this. Thanks!

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