G’DAY WORLD #307 – Bronwen Clune, Norg Media

Today I chat with Bronwen Clune, Founder and CEO of Norg Media, an independent Australian media company that allows anyone to contribute to the news as a Cit J (citizen journalist).


We talk about her vision for Norg (which stands for “news organisation”), how the media landscape is changing, and about being a female entrepreneur (my first ever female entrepreneur guest in 3 years??? WTF?).

It’s great to finally have Australia’s other online media entrepreneur on the show.

Bronwen is very popular on Twitter and you can follow her by clicking the photo below:

Bronwen Clune

Thanks to @m0nty, @jodiem and @glemak for their questions submitted via Twitter during the show. Sorry to everyone else, you were too slow. 🙂

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12 thoughts on “G’DAY WORLD #307 – Bronwen Clune, Norg Media

  1. You know, I kept thinking you were saying “NOG” all through the interview…like eggnog.

    Question: Is this an Australian Digg?

  2. Cameron, I really enjoyed the interview and NORG sounds like a great idea. I’m off to the website now.

    I had to laugh at the “hot chick in a room full of overweight computer nerds” part of the conversation (my parapharsing). It was funny because it’s true!

  3. Paul, it is easy to um, er, repeat yourself, repeat yourself, you know, you know. It’s interesting to note that I usually say “It will be interesting to see……” often as well. I even encouraged my listeners on my podcast to play “Erk Pod Bingo” to hopefully get me not to say these things as much.

    Some things I have to say, some I use to get back on track but here’s the complete list:

    * Anyhoo
    * Basically
    * “That will be interesting”
    * “I’ll be interested to see”
    * “Cart it up” (me saying it, not Fifi and Marty)
    * Website address
    * Email
    * My Skype number
    * Squeak
    * BJ
    * “All Erk, all the time”
    * Interesting
    * Anyway
    * Super duper early mornings
    * “Did I mention that I hate super duper early mornings?”
    * Erk Pod
    * Podsafe Music Network
    * Podshow

  4. Herne – We have a very different vision to digg. The similarity is you can add links to stories and vote on them, but we are really interested in original content and community conversation. For lack of a better word “citizen journalism”. Adding links is still important because it allows people in a community to contribute to a local story and comment on it, in a way that MSM does not allow.

    As I mentioned, this year we will be developing our mobile platform, which will mean people can upload photos, videos and stories.

    Paul – Um you know, was hoping my interview could be a source of discussion other than how not to say “um, you know”. Anyway, hope it didn’t detract from my message.

    Erk – love to have you on board and happy to answer any questions you have. And thanks for the tips 🙂

  5. I am still waiting for Cam to explain to Bron how to use “it”. That was a good interview Bron and NORG is a great idea. Wish I had something to contribute. Maybe I could editorile my thoughts on issues instead of my blog where I haven’t posted for over 2 yrs now.

  6. I’ve just written my first article for Norg and I’ve just got my first comment already! Thanks Cameron and thanks Bron for the interview and the idea!

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