G’DAY WORLD #310 – Efisia Fele, Horror Auteur

Efisia Fele, aka 01000101 on Twitter (it’s binary for ‘e’), aka Fiz to her friends, is a Melbourne-based actor, writer and director of horror films. I caught up with her a few days ago to talk about being a horror entrepreneur, as well as a wide ranging discussion about her directing debut LOST NOT FOUND, her lead role in the US production DEATH WALKS THE STREETS, the importance of horror as a genre, her favourite horror films, and much, much more.

fiz by kosso

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2 thoughts on “G’DAY WORLD #310 – Efisia Fele, Horror Auteur

  1. Just listening to this now (28/2) and can’t believe she didn’t mention Houseboat Horror as one of her fav Australian horror movies.

    Ok it was really really bad but that is almost what makes it good.

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