G’DAY WORLD #311 – Geeks Who Care, inaugural meeting

On January 27, 2008, a small group of people gathered in South Melbourne for the inaugural meeting of Geeks Who Care, a group of geek activists who want to be more involved in their local communities.

Geeks Who Care

Attendees are (L to R):
Colin Wilson, Matt Trentini, David Jackson, Father Bob Maguire, Cameron Reilly, Nay Parkinson, Tony Goodson, Miriam Parkinson

The two outcomes we agree to were:

1. to set up some face to face meetings with teenagers living in public housing communities in South Melbourne to run some of our ideas past them, to sanity check our thinking

2. to explore the idea of providing mesh networks and refurbished PC’s to kids in public housing around Melbourne.

There was an interesting discussion about whether or not GWC should be focused on providing technology-related solutions for people, to leverage our geek-fu, or just doing basic “good works” that aren’t specifically technology related. The general feelings seemed to be to try to do something geek-specific.

If you have any ideas on how to build out mesh networks for public housing communities, please throw your ideas around over on our Geeks Who Care forum.

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3 thoughts on “G’DAY WORLD #311 – Geeks Who Care, inaugural meeting

  1. I love father Bob but you could use him as time wasting weapon. Simply drop him into enemy territory and he’ll confuse them with phrases like:

    “You see your generation is good at that, see.”

    I think you had some good ideas before the bobbywaffle settled in.

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